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What's TREE SMS?

Touch TREE SMS is a service who sales SMS packages without advisement, worldwide delivering without roaming costs. TREE SMS offers different interfaces to send your previously bought SMS.
Dashboard Address Book Settings

Send SMS from your iPod touch

Touch No need for additional software. Use Mobile Safari to send SMS. Of course this works with iPhone's Mobile Safari, too.
iPhone & iPod touch Login Page iPhone & iPod touch SMS History Write SMS on your iPhone & iPod touch

iPhone-like interface

iPhone Experience an iPhone like look & feel. The whole interface is optimized to perfectly fit your iPod touch or iPhone display.

Mac-like easy interface

Mac Easy and intuitive interface - just as you know it from your Mac, iPhone and iPod. For all situations the matching interface: iPhone, iPod touch, Web and Mac OS X Address Book Plugin.

Mac OS X Address Book

Address Book Plug-In Direct import from you OS X Addressbook to the Webapplication. Further the Addressbok Plugin allows you to send SMS directly out of Address Book.
Upload your Contacts to Webapplication and send SMS directly out of Address Book

Send SMS without own mobile phone

WriteYou don't have own mobile phone but you want send SMS? TREE SMS allows you to send sms without having mobile phone.

Cheap SMS price, so try it out

Cheap SMS Starting already at CHF 15. Buy packages of TREE SMS to send commercials free messages all around the world.
- Standard Premium Gold
SMS at 160 Characters 100 200 500
Online SMS Archive
Online Adress Book
Mac OS X Address Book Plugin
Free Support
Your Mobile Number as Sender
Package Price CHF 15.- CHF 30.- CHF 75.-


How can I uninstall TREE SMS Address Book Plugin?

Delete Plugin (ABTREESMS.bundle) under "/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/".

How many characters can I send per SMS?

The maximal length of one SMS is 160 characters.

What happens, if my message contains more than 160 characters?

Your message will automatically be splitted into several SMS and sent together. You can send up to 1250 characters per job (8 SMSes)

I did not receive my actication code!

Login to your account here and check your cellphone number (international number; +41761112233). Reorder your activation code.

Does my account expire if I do not use TREE SMS for a long time?


May I use TREE SMS with Windows and/or Linux?

Yes, but only through our web interface.

What happens if I used all my TREE SMS?

Nothing. Your account will not expire, but you may login to your account and buy a new TREE SMS Package.

Does TREE SMS support Unicode and special language characters?



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OS X Address Book Plugin

Download TREE SMS Address Book Plug-In